We provide this procurement management template which helps you control everything for PAs, POs, suppliers and payments. All in one application.

On the home page, the dynamic dashboard helps you centralized and visualized the procurement information for the analytics need.

Streamline the four requests: Purchase Request, Purchase Order Request, Payment Request and New Supplier Request. All the information is cross-referencing through the purchasing chain.


Information will be recorded throughout the entire procure-to-pay lifecycle. They are separately listed and interrelated.

purchase requisition

Submit online and monitor the legitimacy of a purchase, as well as identify the business need for the products.

Purchase Order Request

Based on an approved purchase request, submit the official confirmation and order to control the purchasing of products and services from suppliers, which enable businesses to track and process electronically.

1. Payment terms: The purchase items in one PR can be purchased in multiple POs. When submitting a PO, you can only select a PR whose procurement is not closed. Then choose the items which haven’t been purchased as the purchase items in the current PO. Don’t worry, Yeeflow helps you recognize the status of PR and payment terms.

2. Supplier and contact: choose a registered supplier and fill in the payment term in the PO.

Payment Request

Process a payment per contract terms of business required. You can only select a PO whose procurement is not closed. After that, the related PO, supplier and contract information will be displayed automatically on the form.

Choose a payment term based on the selected PO for the current payment request.

All the approval workflows that can be customized according to your business rules. You can use our flexible form and workflow designer to modify the template to make it more suitable for your business.


September 26, 2023

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