Tracking errors and issues with this bug track template. It's easily to use and helpful for your project bug management.

Bug tracking is apart of project management. We have made it a separate template to facilitatethe project team, especially the requirements analysts and test engineers totrack bugs. You can mark bugs with priority, assignees, resolving status etc.

Record a bug in the submission form, assign it to the responsible person, fill in the due date, priority and other key information. When the number of bugs is large, you cause the filter criteria to filter the items you want to track, such as filtering by priority and status. Meanwhile, we also provide three views for you to easily track and mange bugs: All bugs, Open bugs, and a Kanban view grouped by status.

You can also create notificationreminders in this template, such as reminding people of new bugs, or sending areminder to the relevant responsible person before the due date to remind themto resolve the bug as soon as possible.


September 27, 2023

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