A show case about how to use Grid control on your pages or forms to design the beautiful layouts.

In this template, we dive into the exciting world of Yeeflow and explore the powerful Grid control.

This highly customizable template allows you to create stunning layouts for your applications with ease. Our expert host takes you through the step-by-step process of using the Grid control to create beautiful and functional designs.

You'll learn how toadd rows and columns, adjust spacing and alignment, and even incorporate imagesand icons. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the no-code world,this show is perfect for anyone looking to hone their design skills and createvisually stunning applications.

So join us as weshowcase the Yeeflow template and unlock the full potential of the Gridcontrol!

lds and contractinformation fields according to your own business conditions. You can even addmore advanced and complicated features, such as adding the supplier ratingreview process.


September 26, 2023

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