Project Management

All-in-one Project Management is the application that focus on processes, task assignments, timelines, and cost management. It helps managers plan, monitor and report on projects; it helps teams manage their work and collaborate, too.

  • Resource Hub. It helps you maintain staff and rate to offer project task attending.
  • Project Initiation form. Managers will setup project that refer to assemble members, make schedule and budget. On the form, a new project can be described on details, project phases, resource planning, the initiation justification.

Task Assignment.  Get teams working in an interface that everyone knows with the power to manage tasks simply. Managers plan the work by breaking it down, and where teams execute the tasks after then.

Project Change & Close

  • Project Change Request. Along the way change is going to happen and managers may apply for any incremental resources or schedule, cost impact to manage changes. It takes update with record automatedly to adopt change.
  • Project Closing. A formal closure phase ensures all the work has been completed. It also gives you the opportunity to review and evaluate the project success.

Project Timesheet. It represents the output of tasks and cost by project teams. Stay on top of members’ time and expense entry to make sure projects are billed properly.

  • Cost Management.  It generates the budget/cost that works throughout the entire life cycle of a project. It advises managers of possible cost, schedule issues and alignment strategies.
  • Dashboard. Project Dashboards aid by visualizing critical performance indicators. It can display metrics for a project’s overall performance and progress.

Here we provide four graphs as template: Cost Review, phase efforts, state distribution and initiation trends.