Category: HR & Recruiting

Employee Onboarding

HR initiates the process for new employee’s onboarding and maintains the employee personal data.The supervisor and IT team will be assigned for process update and assets allocated.

Recruitment Request

Raise a recruitment request to hire new staff for your business required.Provide the specifications of basic requirements and feedback update.

Course Planner

One application to manage all the courses you offer, materials, and tutors. Help each student until they glow with pride.

Interview Assessment

Manage the interview arrangement.Provide interview arrangement and feedback process, HR team initiates interview application, and 1-2 round interview will be assigned and tracked with assessment points. HR will evaluate with final result based on records.

Employee Resignation Request

The resignation request is ready to be submitted by employees who is tentative to leave. It supports that the supervisor can approve or reject the request.HR will receive the approved request for further processing.

Recruitment Tracker

Are you a business owner or recruiter who meets potential hires at college fairs? Make a list of promising candidates so you can check up with them later. See the colleges you’ve partnered with, follow up with recruitment processes, and skim the cream of the crop.

Leave Request

Employee can submit all types of leave with detailed leave period, both supervisor and HR team will be involved for approval and tracking.