Business Travel Management

This Business Travel Application contains all the data that a business traveler wants to forward for approval/booking/cash advance/expense reimbursement. It includes the entire process of a business trip from the initial request, planning, and booking until settlement.

There are three forms in this application: the form for travel request, the form for cash advance request and the form for expense reimbursement.

In the travel request form, you need to specify the purpose of travel along with the travel plans. Meanwhile, you can ask for the help for reserving flight or hotel by travel assistant. The request is automatically routed for approval to the appropriate person. For your test, you have been set as the approver for all stages and you should be able to review the request you initiate.

After a travel request has been approved, you scan submit the cash advance request by your need. When applying a cash advance, you need to select the approved travel request, and the corresponding information will be automatically displayed as the reference.

Reimbursement of expenses can be applied after the end of the trip. You just need to choose the right travel request record; we will display the related travel and cash advance information in front of your eyes. The reimbursement amount will be calculated based on the expense details you fill and the cash advance you applied.

Employees can check their own request records and approval status at any time and admins can check all request records by category.