Recruitment Tracker

By Rob Forbes

HR & Recruiting

Are you a business owner or recruiter who meets potential hires at college fairs? Make a list of promising candidates so you can check up with them later. See the colleges you’ve partnered with, follow up with recruitment processes, and skim the cream of the crop.

Recruiting is hard enough to manage without having to wrangle hard-to-use, inflexible applicant tracker software as well. This applicant tracker system template is simple, yet powerful enough to manage the entire hiring process, whether you’re a small business recruiting a few new members to the team, or an HR department running a high velocity recruitment process with hundreds of job openings.

This recruitment tracker system is flexible, unlike standard recruitment software or other ATS solutions. You can track your job openings and job descriptions in one table, and all interested job seekers, with relevant contact information, in another. With this template as a base, you can build an recruitment tracker system to your unique specifications in no time!

With this recruitment tracker system and its personalized views, you, and your team of hiring managers, can each filter down to see just what matters to you. Use the calendar view to see upcoming interviews. Try the kanban view to see a status update of your candidate pipeline. You can even filter down to track candidates by hiring manager owner. Take this recruitment tracker template for a spin, and you and your team can finally get back on the same page.

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