Product Launch

By Rob Forbes


It takes months of preparations for a presentation of a new product or service. Something you’ve worked so hard on deserves a flawless product launch. This template helps you to plan launch events that meets the expectations

Launching a product is hard and complex. There are gargantuan, dreaded tasks during a circle time in developing a product. How can you make sure your product hits the ground running?

We provide this product launch template for all types of teams to help them manage each features, plan launch event during the product development circle. Manage the feature status, complexity, set the leader, associated product theme and so on. We also provide a list to maintain your product themes to make it easy to be looked up.

There are several views in this template to meet different needs. Like views with filtering launch status, Kanban view, gantt view and calendar view. The calendar view shows date and schedule, the Kanban view track the status of features, choose the view you like or customize your own view.

Fully customizable in Yeeflow

All templates were built by designers using Yeeflow without writing code. That means you can customize them using our visual interface too.

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